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"I quit a two pack a day habit in 1985 and have never touched another cigarette since." L.C. Thanks Amherst Hypnosis.

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With our special method there is no sleep, no loss of control. You are completely aware yet very deeply relaxed.

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"I always used to be so nervous.  I was afraid to fly or go anywhere.  Now, I  enjoy life for the first time in years.  And, at work, I  can  give presentations.    You are the best!" JHC


You can be yourself again!

Change your life forever!

Remember those wonderful days when you didn't smoke, eat, or drink too much and weren't so stressed out?  Unhealthy living can age you almost overnight.  Relief is just a phone call away.


Western New York's best cost effective path to wellness. Excellence in hypnosis with thirty years experience.  Life Coaching, Confidence, Public Speaking, Exams, Sports,  Stressful Past, Fear of Flying, Habit Control and More. 

"I lost 53 pounds ten years ago after I had tried everything to lose weight.  When Louis Ciola told me I would start to eat sensibly, I couldn't believe it. But that's exactly what I did." Mrs. A. G.  

We are the #1 Hypnosis Practice in Western New York.  Quality hypnosis at an affordable price.   Not associated with any other group. Independently owned and operated since 1989.